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Letter to my readers: I am extremely happy – oh, okay thrilled then – to introduce you to a free report I’ve coordinated and edited: Public relations 2011: issues, insights and ideas. The report’s 15 articles discuss topics such as why PR agencies lead and in-house practitioners follow, why working in PR is a waste of space if you want to change organisations/society for the better, why more theory – not less – will benefit the industry and the fallacy of transparency being necessary for best practice PR

Public relations 2011: issues, insights and ideas

This is a thought leadership report on many of PR’s fascinating and subtle dimensions, featuring articles written by ten global PR leaders…with me riding happily on the coattails!

Read…the passionate and intellectually creative thinking in this report and your knowledge of strategic and tactical approaches to the practice of public relations will be broadened.

Read it…and you will experience thought leadership at a rarely articulated level.

Read it…and your ability to practice PR and harness its power will be deepened.

How to get a copy if the report? Subscribe to this blog and the keys to the kingdom will be yours.

Public relations content that engages

Other topics explored in the report include:

  • Social media. Its emergence is presenting PR with a range of challenges and opportunities. We are very much on the cusp – what do we do from here? Can social media help our discipline become more influential as a business discipline?
  • The importance of face-2-face communication. This is old school social networking, but one that is still the most effective means of communication and, often, analogous of social media
  • Two-way symmetrical communication. There is no avoiding it, especially in a report edited by me. A new pragmatism may be emerging in its discussion and application, even from Jim Grunig himself. But is anyone offering anything fundamentally different to help us in our approach and give us something meaningful or – light on the hill – aspirational to apply?
  • CSR. Sometimes overt, sometimes implicit. I don’t think you can practice PR at a strategic level and not be cognisant of the synergy between the two disciplines
  • Strategy. Even when discussing tactics, writers are cognisant of their strategic remit and resonances
  • Crisis management. Interesting – is crisis management the means through which public relations can become more valued in organisations on the back of social media’s application in this area?

This is a report that looks to the future based on experience. In some regards its content is speculative. But it is never less than insightful.

About this PR 2011 report

The report is defined by its thought leadership, which in itself has two dimensions:

  • Content that helps us become better at practicing our discipline
  • Thought leadership – views and speculations that engage and sparkle.

The content often challenges. It features ideas that are out of the box, sometimes reflecting either dissatisfaction with the status quo or a refusal to take it at face value. In either case, the outcome will enrich those who choose to tune into its frequency as issues are analysed and new thinking articulated.

The report illustrates the PR profession’s global connectivity. It takes advantage of our new(ish) social media paradigm, collating bold ideas and new thinking into an easily readable report format.

Each article in this report is worthy of serious attention.

I hope you enjoy Public relations 2011: issues, insights and ideas and see fit to share your knowledge of its existence with your colleagues, peers and friends through social media and old school email and face-to-face conversations.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the content in this report. All observations and critiques welcome.

The report is designed by Pennington & Co and features illustrations by Guy Downes – great quality and great value is provided by both. I highly recommend them!

NB update. This report is now not offered immediately to email subscribers. A white paper – The Holy Trinity of public relations: thought leadership, 3rd party credibility, strategic alliances – is now offered immediately to new subscribers. Subscribers will still be offered the report discussed on this page, just at a slightly later stage.