This blog has three purposes:

  • The first is to promote my public relations and marcomms business, Craig Pearce Strategic Communication
  • The second is to explore thoughts I have on public relations, marketing, social media and the plethora of other dimensions that constitute my profession. Through doing this, I very much hope to engage with fellow professionals and business people and learn from them
  • The third is to provide a resource on the practice of public relations and related disciplines. I hope this is of use, in particular, to students of public relations and anyone who wants to learn more about the field.

The public relations I refer to has a number of guises. It certainly doesn’t refer to media relations specifically. Media relations – duh – is not a synonym for public relations. These areas are included in PR:

  • Marketing communication
  • Corporate communication
  • Issues & crisis management
  • Corporate social responsibility.

I don’t ‘do’ vanilla when it comes to commentary and insights. If I offend no one and all readers agree with my thoughts, then I will have failed. I sometimes take a deliberately provocative perspective simply because it’s a point of view that I think needs expressing, even if I am not a big fan of it.

Life is too short to subsist on the anodyne.

Pivotal public relations topics

Key posts on this blog that give you an idea of my stance on public relations include discussions on:

I hope this blog stimulates debate on public relations issues and contributes to the professional body of knowledge on public relations. And I hope this occurs as much from the guest posts and comments from readers as it does from my own comments. The fact that the blog has been in existence, with regular – weekly minimum – postings, since June 2009 gives you some idea of my commitment towards it.

Free public relations reports

There are four comprehensive free reports available on this blog.

The first is The Holy Trinity of public relations: thought leadership, 3rd party credibility, strategic alliances. This white paper provides an overview of the strategic dimensions of the Holy Trinity and practical manifestations of how they can be applied in a business environment. It is available to all subscribers of this blog.

The second is Public relations 2011: issues insights and ideas. The report’s 15 articles discuss topics such as why PR agencies lead and in-house practitioners follow, why working in PR is a waste of space if you want to change organisations/society for the better, why more theory – not less – will benefit the industry and the fallacy of transparency being necessary for best practice PR.

The third is a report on a social media and public relations summit, held in 2010, which gathered some of Australia’s and the Asia-Pacific’s leading professionals from these fields. The report discusses and analyses the many presentations. It also features a section that explores the primacy of website communication (something of a forgotten child in digital communication).

The fourth is a report on a social media and crisis communication summit, held late in 2009. Once again, some leading minds in these fields spoke on this topic, with thought leadership being a particularly strong theme.

Please share these reports with your peers and contacts and encourage them to be RTed about – hopefully they provide further evidence as to why this blog is worth subscribing to!

One journalist at least seems to think this blog is worth the effort, naming it in 2011 as one of Australia’s 25 best business blogs.